Protect your Home from Moisture with Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Water vapors rising from the soil in your crawl space can cause respiratory illnesses, buckling floors, and even mold and mildew growth. Eliminate moisture damage with our crawl space vapor barriers.

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Avoid water damage with our crawl space moisture barriers

Vapor barrier insulation is a proven way to reduce your energy bill

Rotting wood, pest infestations, and mold growth in your home are sure signs you have too much moisture rising from your crawl space. Diffuse water vapors with a high-quality, expertly installed vapor barrier, and you’ll instantly benefit from:

  • Reduced moisture levels
  • Protection from mold and rot
  • Lack of foul, musty odors
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Additional storage space
  • Protection from rust and water damage
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increased comfort throughout your home

We go the extra mile to ensure your crawl space is sufficiently protected from excess moisture. When you select one of our 100% reinforced polyethylene liners to cover the soil and base of any internal piers, we overlap our barrier seams by 6 inches and use a 4 inch vinyl seam tape to connect the liner. Our reinforced vapor barriers come in a variety of thickness options, and we will make a recommendation during the crawl space inspection.

For further protection, talk to us about our encapsulation systems and dehumidifiers.

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Protect your castle with Dragon Vapor Barriers

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so you need to ensure moisture levels won’t impact the health of your family and the structural integrity of your foundations. At Dragon Vapor Barriers, we’ve sourced the highest quality vapor barriers and offer them at affordable prices. So, when you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Industry leading products
  • Professional, reliable, and efficient service
  • Local knowledge and expertise
  • Moisture and mold free home

As a local business based in Lexington, SC, we know how difficult it is to deal with excess moisture and high humidity in your home. That’s why we’ve specialized in crawl space vapor barriers, as we know how effective they can be in battling mold and mildew growth. When you need a contractor that can easily solve your moisture problems and help you protect your investment, think Dragon Vapor Barriers.

Vapor barrier installation by Dragon Vapor Barriers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vapor barriers cause mold issues?

Only if they are installed incorrectly, in the wrong area, or by someone without expert knowledge and experience. At Dragon Vapor Barriers, we’ll ensure your crawl space is protected from moisture and mold growth, using industry leading materials to safeguard your home.

Do I need a moisture barrier in my crawl space?

Due to our hot, humid climate here in South Carolina, moisture barriers are essential for any crawl space. Whether the source of water vapors is from the soil beneath your home or from groundwater build-up after a storm, a moisture barrier will protect the foundations of your home and ensure you have clean, mold-free air circulating throughout your property.

How thick of a vapor barrier do I need?

At the very bare minimum, vapor barriers should be at least 6mil in thickness. We suggest a 10mil polyethylene liner to ensure your crawl space is fully protected from moisture, and for longer-lasting durability.

Should a vapor barrier be sealed?

Vapor barriers are designed to control and prevent moisture from affecting the structural integrity of your home. They are not designed to control air flow, so don’t need to be fully sealed to be effective.

What exactly does a vapor barrier do?

A vapor barrier prevents moisture and water vapors from the soil beneath your home gathering on your crawl space walls and insulation. By reducing excess moisture in your crawl space, you won’t have to suffer from mold and mildew growth, or musty odors spreading up through your floorboards.

Crawl space vapor barriers across South Carolina

Whether you want to increase the value of your home, or maximize the longevity of your foundations, vapor barriers are the ideal solution for eliminating moisture problems. From Columbia to Lexington and everywhere in between, our team is ready to help protect your investment, and your family from mold, mildew, and moisture.

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