Protect Your Crawl Space From Moisture Damage With a Vapor Barrier

Crawl spaces are naturally damp places which can result in moisture problems including insect infestations, mildew, and mold growth. A vapor barrier offers long-term, low-maintenance protection and is an essential component of any crawl space.

Have a Home With a Crawl Space? You Need a Vapor Barrier

Installing a vapor barrier, or replacing an old barrier, is an essential home improvement project that will keep your home safe from the scourge of water damage.

The Benefits of Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Control Crawl Space Moisture

A crawl space with excessive moisture puts your home at risk for termite infestation, mildew, and mold growth. A vapor barrier reduces the humidity to safe levels, without the need for an expensive crawl space dehumidifier or active ventilation systems.

More Reliable Than Crawl Space Encapsulation

Encapsulation is in vogue right now, creating a completely sealed crawl space to ‘solve’ the problem of humidity. Unfortunately, encapsulation systems are disasters waiting to happen; a failed dehumidifier requires a costly replacement at best, and at worst results in rapid, uncontrolled mold growth. Vapor barriers last much longer and since they have no moving parts are more energy efficient and less prone to failure.

Makes Future Repairs Easier

Our bright white vapor barriers not only prevent water vapor from building up in your crawl space, but also make working in your crawl space easier. Leaks from above will be easy to spot and anyone who dabbles in DIY repairs will appreciate the cleaner, brighter working conditions.

Why Work With Dragon Insulation


We’re Vapor Barrier Specialists

There are plenty of tradesmen who will offer to install a vapor barrier, but the truth is they typically just run out to a local hardware shop, pick up the cheapest sheeting they can find, and then install it as quickly as they can. As vapor barrier specialists, we take pride in our craftsmanship and our courteous and professional installers will treat you and your home with respect.


High Quality Materials

While we love repeat business, the reality is that the vapor barriers we install will last 20 to 25 years. We use reinforced white polyethylene sheeting from a local manufacturer with 6” of overlap and 4” wide vinyl seam tape to seal crawl spaces. We offer thicker barriers than are available at big box stores which provide longer lasting protection and greater durability over rough crawl space floors.


Licensed and Fully Insured

Any time you have someone working on your house it is essential that they be properly licensed and insured. At Dragon Insulation we are fully licensed and insured professionals who specialize in vapor barrier installation.


Competitive Pricing

We always encourage our customers to price shop, because we know that we deliver fantastic results for a great price. Get a free quote and see for yourself!

Vapor Barrier FAQs

I was told that I need my crawl space fully encapsulated, is a vapor barrier right for me?

There are several companies that are only selling encapsulation solutions. This means that if a homeowner contacts them asking for a moisture barrier, they will tell them that they need encapsulation, even if a moisture barrier would have been sufficient. Encapsulation usually costs more than three times as much as a vapor barrier, and needs more frequent, and costly, maintenance.

We used to perform encapsulation services but over the years have determined that encapsulation is rarely the best solution and often causes more harm than good. Perhaps 1 out of 50 houses we inspect truly requires encapsulation, and in that case we’ll advise you on how to proceed as this is not a service we provide.

If you’ve been given a quote for encapsulation let us know and we can provide you with a free onsite evaluation and see if a vapor barrier would be right for you.

Do vapor barriers help indoor air quality?

Yes, a vapor barrier can help improve the air quality inside your home. Your HVAC system creates suction in your home, drawing some air from your crawl space. These air leaks can result in moisture or even mold spores being pulled into your home. A crawl space vapor barrier will improve the air quality of your crawl space and consequently the air inside your home.

Do vapor barriers help against radon?

Yes, vapor barriers are an essential part of any radon mitigation strategy. However, a vapor barrier alone is generally not sufficient, and is used in conjunction with active ventilation. 

Is subfloor insulation a substitute for a crawl space vapor barrier?

No, while crawl space insulation is great for reducing your energy bills and keeping your home comfortable, it is not a substitute for a vapor barrier.

Part of the problem is that fiberglass batts and rigid foam insulation suspended between your floor joists are not airtight, meaning that air can still travel from your crawl space into your home.

Even if your floor was air tight, excessive moisture underneath your home will result in mold growth and make for a hospitable home for termites!

Does my crawl space need a vapor barrier or encapsulation?

Nearly all homes with a crawl space will benefit from a vapor barrier.

In general, encapsulation is only appropriate for crawl spaces with zero airflow or standing water. If your crawl space vents are blocked and outside air can’t make it in, or you have pools of water under your home, then you may need a more elaborate waterproofing solution such as a french drain, sump pump, or gutter system.

If you’re unsure if you need a vapor barrier, we can provide you with a free onsite evaluation and see if a vapor barrier would be right for you.

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