A Simple Solution That No One Offered

Dragon Vapor Barrier and Insulation was founded by Emmett Nolan after his time spent working for a foundation repair company. Emmett kept encountering homeowners whose problems could be solved by a simple vapor barrier, and yet the company only offered encapsulation services.

This meant that instead of a cheap, effective, and accessible solution, people were stuck choosing a more expensive option that would require costly, regular maintenance.

The company Emmett worked for wasn’t the exception – there were no companies in Columbia specializing in vapor barrier installations, meaning that homeowners were stuck between choosing an unnecessarily complex encapsulation or risking a low-quality installation by a handyman.

The Dragon Takes Flight

Sensing a demand, Emmett started Dragon Vapors Barriers, offering high quality vapor barriers installed by professionals. The company has expanded over the years, and now offers insulation installation alongside vapor barriers.

All of the products that Dragon Vapor Barriers and Insulation offers are extremely durable and long lasting. Emmett tells customers that while he loves the idea of repeat customers, by the time they’ll need to call back to replace their insulation they’ll be talking to his son, Emmett Jr., on the phone!

(Dragon Vapor Barrier and Insulation’s vapor barriers typically last 20-25 years, while the fiberglass insulation can last 30+ years!)

A Commitment to Service

One thing that really distinguishes Dragon Vapor Barriers and Insulation from the competition is its focus on service. Most insulation companies primarily work with commercial home builders. They will, grudgingly, service private residences, but their bread and butter are new construction. This shows in their service – as their installers aren’t used to working in people’s homes. Punctuality, courtesy, and respect simply matter less when the house you’re working on is unowned!

At Dragon Vapor Barriers and Insulation we pride ourselves on our customer service. To that end, we show up on time, dress professionally, and treat you and your home with respect.

Emmett Nolan Owner of Dragon Vapor Barriers

A Tall Man In Tight Spaces

If you get to meet Emmett, the first thing you might ask him is “Why did you name your company Dragon Vapor Barriers?” and the second question is “How do you fit in a crawl space!?” In regard to the second question, you see, Emmett is 6’8” and yet somehow manages to make working in a crawl space look easy.

For the first question, the most common theory is that perhaps Emmett was into Dungeons and Dragons? A good theory – but incorrect.

Instead, the name comes from popular culture. When Emmett was coming up with the name for his new company, dragons were everywhere in the media. Game of Thrones was approaching its final seasons, DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon franchise was releasing films, and Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon had just been announced.

Not only were dragons everywhere on screens, but Emmett’s son was born in the year of the dragon according to the Chinese astrological calendar, making this mythical beast hold a special place in Emmett’s heart.

But the name isn’t just a name. Emmett treats his customers like they’re the kings and queens of their castles. His goal is to protect your castle from damage, to insulate your castle from the heat and the cold, and to make your castle a more pleasant place to live.

When your castle needs protection, call the Dragon.

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